By reaven

Raised and born in Valencia, Spain. Reaven, as i known on the Internet, has spent most of his life’s free time playing videogames. Favorite hobby since he was a kid, he has seen with sadness how games, once genuinely fun, have become a cold and lifeless business.

Now to fight against the joke of the gaming journalism and their bought scores, he is going to use the power of poo to show the world how shitty new games actually are.


You can contact him on mail
or adding him to steam friends “reaven_666”

Note: He is not a member of a satanic cult.


About Poo

This generation of games is so terrible that I can only rate games depending on how bad they are.
That is, games can range from a little shitty to horse shit.
A single Poo means a game without a lot of bad features while a game rates as Horse Shit is something to stay away from.

Note: Please take this with sense of humor. If that game you like is shit i can't do anything about it.

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