Nintendo: If it sells don’t change it. [Bitchin’]

When you think about Nintendo, inevitably you think about Mario. Its Nintendo’s flagship… Somehow people dont mind much that Nintendo releases the same game over and over, like an EA’s FIFA. People already expect to have a fucking new Mario game with a little retarded new feature, but generally the same fucking game. The best of all this is that the game will get praised like a motherfucking masterpiece, it will outsell any other new releases and all that crap.

Last time I checked it was kind of fun when I was a kid, even then I didnt get into it. But definitely is a game for kids. It was and it has been in every rehash. A game for kids, that, somehow its better than strategy wonders like Alpha centaury. Typically the original Mario is on the top of the BEST GAMES EVAR LIST made by some fucktard that thinks that a platformer made 24 years ago it’s the pinnacle of gaming.

And if you are going to praise a platformer there probably are some other released recently and more original that fucking Mario all over again, inserting New on the tittle of the game doesnt make the game new at all.

Not only with platformers but with the excuse of Mario they make whatever shit the think off, like tennis or wank a Wii shitty minigames, yeah they arent the only ones making this cheap shit, but man, they the bosses when it comes to make a pointless game out of a famous franchise.

Anyway, this works for Nintendo. Someone has to make the games all the kids will buy, more than the kids the parents. Because Nintendo always had domain over the sells on the little ones. And surely the new generation of kids wont mind playing a game that was already done, but hey, they didnt get to play it.

I dont care if they have the market dominated selling this crap to kids, kids who will never have a good game on their hands at this rate, but god damn stop taking these games like something good and fresh when its the same old shit, is nothing but a kids toy, like a stuffed elephant I had when I was a kid and they still make, because it sells well, not because it was the best fucking stuffed elephant arround.

It’s not only Mario, but pretty much every Nintendo game gets a rehash or two for the next generation of consoles.

One can say that the games are fun… well thats your opinion I dont think that jumping over a horizontal map is fun anymore. There are a lot of games out there that offer a little more of challenge and satisfaction even if you need to use the brain a little to play them.

Oh and not happy enough rehashing games, now they make a console a little bigger and sell it again…

A shame that Nintendo has no ‘S’ on the name to put a ‘$’ and make them look greedy and evil.


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